About Animal Buddy

Be the first to play with a set of wild animal cards; make them your buddies while travelling through the Jungles of the World.  Great Fun for the Family!

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Features of Animal Buddy

  • Introduces you to the Wild Animals of the Region
  • Helps you learn about wild animals & their behavioural traits
  • Helps to share this knowledge with friends & family
  • Make all the wild animals as your “Buddies”
  • A Smart, Easy to Play Game with Loads of Fun

Inside The Box


Artistically designed game board


Colourful pawns


50 Animal cards with paintings by master artists


Africa Edition


Travel through the African Savannah where you will find Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Lions, Cheetah etc – beat your friends at making them “Your Buddies”.

India Edition


Travel across the vast sub-continent to find out about Tigers, Leopards, Rhinos, Macaques etc., and learn more about them. Get out of the jungle with the help of these animals and make them “Your Buddies”.



  • “Animal Buddy” game kept my kids engrossed and actively involved. They were discussing animals and their habitats!
    The game is designed well and is easy on the eyes as well as simple to learn – right from the first play.
    I am sure kids even as young as 4 can play this!
    Great initiative to teach kids about wildlife and nature!

    – Jyotsna

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